Hello World!

Hello World!

Yes, you read that correctly. Silly little nuance, and yet universally accepted as a coders first step to glory.

Be honest now... how may "Hello World's" have you sent into the... well, world? It seems that every new skill a programmer learns starts with a "Hello World".

Therefore, my first post on Hashnode will be aptly named the same.

Funny thing about coding a program, app or website, is that it needs to be planned first. If not, you tend to rewrite code quite a-lot. This venture into the Hashnode world was one of those very impulsive, and totally unplanned, ventures.

I happened across Hashnode in the twitter-verse when it was mentioned by Quincy Larson. I looked at the post he wrote about it and the ease of setting up and linking to your own domain.

When looking further into Hashnode, the notion of being on an "Open Source" version of Medium spoke to me. I am a great fan of "Open Source" and the free flow of information. This had me hooked.

So, strap in and hold on tight. I have said my Hello's, and from here on in there shall be a large amount of setup and writing to be done.