Resources - for developers...

Not all developers are designers. I know I am not. When it comes to the beautiful layouts, the pretty pictures and everything that makes for a great UI / UX, I need all the help I can get.

I am therefore on a constant search for graphic resources to ease the designing pain.

Here follows a couple, that may just help you;

  1. - I use this resource extensively for images.
  2. - Probably my second go-to for images and videos.
  3. - Need a pattern for a canvas. Look no further.
  4. - Open Source illustrations. Perfect for blogs etc.
  5. - Hand Drawn illustrations of just about anything you can think of.
  6. - Another Hand Drawn Illustration library. Love their interface!!
  7. - very doodly, to say the least.

Got any graphic resources you like to use? Pop it in the comments!!