The journey so far

I am, honestly , terrible at blogging. I tend to spend most of my free time coding, and not bothering with the rest.

I have, however, realised that, in this interconnected, information hungry society we live in, blogging has become an essential part of software development and getting your work "out there".

I have therefore decided that, even if I do just small little posts, I need to flex the blogging muscle and create a new habit. And here we go...

Towards the end of last year, I started a challenge called the 100 Days of Code challenge. The idea behind the challenge is to make you code for at least a day. You are only accountable to yourself, and the challenge is grounded in your own honesty.

I immensely enjoyed the challenge and the whole community that I had the chance to meet on Twitter. But then my life, the world as a whole, COVID-19 and a fair amount of curve-balls came my way and I bowed out, not so gracefully, at the halfway mark.

When the whole lockdown and isolation thing started, I re-kindled the challenge and started back at day one.

So what have I been doing?? Well, I hated Flexbox and CSS Grid. Just could not get them to do what I wanted them to do. So 'n knuckled down and tied them down. I can really recommend two free courses by Wes Bos. One of Flexbox and one on CSS Grid. You can find them here. Another handy site for anything CSS is CSS Tricks.

I have also decided to cement my Javascript fundamentals and enrolled in the Wes Bos Beginner Javascript course as well.

At this time, 40 days into the challenge, I feel positive that it will be seen through. I am working remotely on my full time job, so there is no "days of coding", but I am still sticking to my nightly routine and will complete the challenge with flying colours.

To learn more about the challenge you can visit the website at